Classic means timeless.

And timeless is never old. There are many things that will never fall out of fashion. A good example of this is the lounge chair by Charles Eames. Such legends come into being thanks to their clear forms and surprising solutions that are both simple and functional. 

A criterion that applies equally well to building structures.

Made fit for the next 150 years.

Neuer Wall 19

Rebuilding of former Fahning-Haus


Far more than a station roof.

Intercity Train Station

Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt am Main

Rolling home, dear land, to thee.

Taxiway Bridges

North-West Runway

Frankfurt Airport

Little brother with its own personality.

Ericus Contor

Office Building at Ericusspitze

Hamburg HafenCity

Inserted into Altona’s Elbhang.

Elbberg Campus

Office and residential buildings

Hamburg Altona

An office building like an ocean liner.


Office Building


Easy to see through.

Glass Hall

Long Distance Train Station

Frankfurt Airport

Openness and communication.

SPIEGEL Headquarter

Office Building at Ericusspitze

Hamburg HafenCity

Architecture for the built environment.

HafenCity University

University of the Built Environment

Hamburg HafenCity

New connection following old traditions.

Europa Passage

Mall, Office Building, Car Park


Stable and yet in motion?

Alpha Rotex

Office building at Gateway Gardens

Frankfurt Airport

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