Harbour Structures.


Water is the natural enemy of every structure.

No sensible person would plan to build a structure on, or in, water unless they are compelled to do so. But with harbour facilities, this compulsion is in the nature of things. 

Thus, the planning and realisation of harbour facilities, involving extremely difficult constructional and hydraulic challenges – especially with regard to extreme ground mechanical conditions – is subject to the ongoing struggle against the proverbial dripping water that wears away the stone.

New walls for the living room.

Magdeburger Hafen

Retaining wall and raised terrace

Hamburg, HafenCity

A safe harbour.

Pier Elbphilharmonie

Grasbrookhafen - Ferry Pier

Hamburg HafenCity

Urban waterfront location.

Baakenhafen Open Space

Engineering structures

Hamburg HafenCity

An office building like an ocean liner.


Office Building


Ships in the air.

Ship lift

Repair and overhaul


Keeping the shipping traffic safe.

Hetlingen Radar Station

New operations building


Coal - still indispensible.

New Berth 23

Civil engineering works - Quay wall

Rostock Port

A power station at the waterside.

Moorburg Power Station

Flood protection and quay walls

Hamburg Moorburg

The entrance to Harburg’s inner harbour.

Retailing Walls at Lock

Complete renewal

Hamburg-Harburg Hafenschleuse

A new leading light for the Elbe.


Front light - replacement building


Small but nice!


Integrated into flood protection


Between Landungsbrücken and Elbphilharmonie.


with flood protection & parking level

Hamburg - Niederhafen

Continuing to tell the story of the Speicherstadt.


Repair of quay walls, Warehouse D6

Hamburg Speicherstadt

Giving new life to old harbour sites.

Flood Protection Polder

Neumühlen Westkai


From old to new.

Landing Pier

Maritimes Museum landing pier

Hamburg HafenCity / Speicherstadt

New paths on old bridges.


Raising and repair of old bridges

Hamburg, HafenCity

Sheet pile walls for the "pearls".

Quay Wall, Westkai

Remediation of quay structure


Keeping the port on track.

Predöhl Quay, Berth 3

Deformation calculations


The sands of time and the next 100 years.

Magdeburger Hafen

Quay wall: repair + strenghtening

Hamburg, HafenCity

Berths for giants.

Harbour Expansion

New Building of Berths

Hamburg Altenwerder

Preserving an impressive heritage.

Quay Wall Zollkanal

Repair of quay walls

Hamburg Speicherstadt

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