Elbberg Campus

Office and residential buildings

Hamburg Altona

  • Client:
    KG 23. Verwaltungsgesellschaft DWI Grundbesitz mbH & Co.
  • Architect:
    Bothe Richter Teherani
  • Wide spanning reinforced concrete structure
  • Shell structure
  • Steel composite structure
  • Combination of flat and pile foundation
  • Demolition of existing structures, reconstruction and integration
  • GFA: c. 20,000 m²
    Time: 1999 - 2003
    Building costs: c. 10 mill. EUR
  • Our scope:
    structural engineering

Inserted into Altona’s Elbhang.

At the foot of the Elbhang, the Elbe riverbank at Altona, an eight-storey office building and two loft buildings have been created. Between these three buildings is a freely-accessible inner courtyard through which the street (Elbberg) runs on its original course. Beneath the inner courtyard and the road, up to three basement levels have been provided, linking office building and the lofts together.

All structures generally were executed as a cast-in-place concrete construction with widely-spanning, point-supported flat floor slabs. The roof construction of the loft buildings consists of a cast-in-place concrete shell structure. The projection in the 2nd to 4th storeys of the office building had to be produced as a composite steel construction in order to achieve the appearence desired by the architect.

The basement levels and the loft buildings cut deeply into the riverbank. They are on shallow foundations. The 8-storey office building on the southern edge of the site was executed with a deep foundation. The third basement level is safeguarded against high tides on the Elbe by a flood protection wall with flood gates.

Due to their poor structural condition, the old Elbberg bridge as well as the adjoining former heavy-duty wall that supported the embankment on the western side of the site could not be maintained. The existing structures were demolished and reconstructed in accordance with their previous external appearance, and at the same time integrated into the complete structure.

An office building like an ocean liner.


Office Building


A practically forgotten relic.


Statics calculation


Wellbeing for all the senses.

Lansmed at Tegernsee

Wellness hotel