High tension should be a matter for the structure, not for its users.

Despite their often apparently filigree construction, bridges are really intended to permit natural or artificially-created obstacles to be crossed with safety. 

Even with all the elegance that such structures may possess, the primary emphasis here is on the word “safety”. On this aspect, Ingenieurbüro Dr. Binnewies has again and again demonstrated its competency in the complete repair and new construction of bridges – as well as in the calculation of load classifications for existing bridges with increased traffic loads – in steel, reinforced concrete and pre-stressed concrete construction types.

Ready for its coming role.


Bridge widening and overhaul

Hamburg Speicherstadt

Hamburg’s underground railways also run above ground.

Railway Overbridge

Underground Railway

Hamburg - Hoisdorfer Landstraße

Building while the trains are running.

Barmbek Railway Station

Expansion and modernisation

Hamburg Barmbek

New surface for the Elbe Bridges.

New Elbe Bridges

Asphalt remediation


A new bridge for the Peute.

First Peute Bridge

General overhaul


Two bridges, one job.

Müggenburger Bridges

Bowstring bridges

Hamburg, Müggenburger Durchfahrt

Bridge construction with traffic still running.

Rennbahnstraße Bridge

Complete renewal

Hamburg Horn

New "copper bridge" to be slid into place.

Road Bridge Aurubis

Replacement road bridge No. 4

Aurubis AG factory site

Many bridges lead to the Speicherstadt.

Wandbereiter Bridge

Repair and reconstruction

Hamburg Speicherstadt

New paths on old bridges.


Raising and repair of old bridges

Hamburg, HafenCity

New bearings.

Norderelbe Bridge

Bearing replacement and overhaul


Rolling home, dear land, to thee.

Taxiway Bridges

North-West Runway

Frankfurt Airport

The new bridge swings, then floats.

Lanze-Buchhorst Bridge

Demolition and replacement


The harbour railway leaves traces.

Roßbrücke 32c

Temporary railway bridge

Hamburg Port, Roßkanal

Tunnel construction under the tracks.

Tunnel Oldenfelder Str.

Road and foot tunnel

Hamburg, Rahlstedt

Maintaining an emblem.

Canal Bridge Renovation

Testing of work scaffolding


Change in the city of bridges.

Wagnerstraße Bridge

Renewal and Upgrade


Far more than a station roof.

Intercity Train Station

Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt am Main

An incision in time.


Place of Remembrance

Hamburg HafenCity

Red rust is long gone.

The Red Bridge

Renewal and Upgrade


From old to new.

Landing Pier

Maritimes Museum landing pier

Hamburg HafenCity / Speicherstadt

Fit for the traffic of the future.

Taubenstein Bridge

Strengthening and upgrading


Equipped for the future.


Bridge widening

Hamburg Speicherstadt


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