Riem Ost Quarter
Housing construction
Munich Riem

  • Client:
    GEWOFAG Wohnen GmbH
  • Architect: Henchion Reuter Architekten, Berlin
  • Underground car park,
    5 to 8 upper floors, supporting wall panels as retaining constructions
  • Basement: water impermeable concrete construction
  • Façade: Poroton bricks
  • Ground floor: catering outlets, health centre, library
  • Floor area: c. 120 x 65 m
    GFA: 33,000 m²
    Time: 2018 - 2020
    Building costs: c. 30 mill. EUR
  • Our scope:
    structural engineering

Residential space for the Messestadt.

GEWOFAG already rents out nearly 1,300 apartments in Munich’s Messestadt Riem exhibition district. And the building of the new "Riem Ost Residential Quarter" will add more than 230 new ones. But that is not all. The social infrastructure of the new district will also be strengthened by a local library, catering outlets and a health centre on the ground floor of the new building.

The architect comes from Berlin and won a competition for the best building design. And the appropriate structural design concept comes from Hamburg – from us.

Reinforced concrete bears the weight. On the upper storeys it is the regularly-spaced partition walls of the apartments that hold the reinforced concrete floors. On the ground floor and in the basement it is mainly reinforced concrete pillars that carry the load. Wall-like girders, in some places more than two storeys high, distribute the loads onto the pillars. This makes it possible to achieve the shift from the clearly-structured residential use in the upper storeys to the diverse demands on the ground floor and the underground garage with almost no restrictions.

The brickwork facade is not load-bearing. The concept was chosen deliberately. It provides for maximum freedom, not only in the design of the facade but also in the construction sequence.

The Hamburg – Berlin – Munich planning triangle is working well, and we are delighted to be able to make our special contribution to the redesign of the old Messestadt Riem district.