Vossloh Locomotives
Manufacturing halls

  • Client: PR Kiel Invest 1 GmbH c/o STARGIME GmbH
  • Architects:
    bpbp - Butzke Planungsbüro /
    pbr Planungsbüro Rohling
  • Halls constructed with pre-cast components, hight c. 12 m
  • Pre-stressed concrete beams, spans to 26 m,
    Portal cranes capable of 70 to maximum load.
    Ground remediation with vibro stone columns
  • Extremely short building time
  • GFA: c. 19,000 m²
    Time: 2015 - 2017
    Building costs: c. 28.5 mill. EUR
  • Our scope:
    structural engineering, thermal insulation certificate EnEV 2014

Europe’s most modern locomotive factory.

This new factory sets standards: everything under one roof, short distances, optimised logistics, the most up-to-date energy standards. Vossloh Locomotives has thus set the points for a significant efficiency boost in the manufacture of industrial and shunting locomotives.

The new building complex has been constructed on a site area totalling 15,000 m². It comprises six manufacturing halls, a paint shop, a two-storey equipment tract and a five-storey administration building. Five halls are equipped with portal cranes that can lift components weighing up to 70 tonnes and can travel between the halls and the roofed exterior areas. In the  final assembly zones, multiple assembly pits are provided in the floor. Railway tracks lead out from these halls into the open and are connected to the national railway network.

The halls were erected in an extremely short time with reinforced concrete prefabricated components. Pre-stressed concrete trusses with spans of up to 26 m permit a flexible production layout.

The horizontal bracing of the hall construction is implemented through its supporting pillars which are clamped in shallow sleeve foundations. The inhomogeneous building site required ground remediation over a wide area with vibro stone columns. The hall floors were largely produced from economical fibre concrete.

With this new production facility, the Vossloh company has turned the signals to green for its ride into the future.