Tunnel Oldenfelder Str.
Road and foot tunnel
Hamburg, Rahlstedt

  • Client:
    Deutsche Bahn AG
  • Total length: 18 m
  • Reinforced concrete structure
  • Building while rail traffic was running, confined spaces
  • Time: 2001 - 2002
    Building costs: c. 1.5 mill. EUR
  • Our scope:
    structural engineering

Tunnel construction under the tracks.

Oldenfelder Straße is situated in Hamburg’s Rahlstedt district. For the connection between Oldenfelder Straße and Amtsstraße, a tunnel under the railway tracks had to be created for both road and pedestrian traffic.

Firstly a temporary railway bridge was installed. Beneath this bridge, the excavation, shoring work and the production of the reinforced concrete tunnel structure could then be executed. A special challenge was the need to work in very confined spaces while the railway traffic continued to roll.

Finally, the tunnel was clad with brickwork. The temporary bridge was dismantled again. And all this happened with no disruption to rail services.

Now that the work is finished, everything looks perfectly normal and straightforward. But it wasn’t!