Taubenstein Bridge
Strengthening and upgrading

  • Client: Hessen Mobil
  • Road bridge
    Prestressed concrete
    Year of construction: 1963
    Bridge area: 5,600 m²
    Length (7 spans): 24 + 40 + 40 + 94 + 37 + 54 + 32 = 320 m
  • Recalculation and strengthening for "load model 1" and remaining useful life of 20 years
  • Building over the river and while road traffic is running
  • Time: 2017 - 2018
    Costs: c. 6 mill. EUR
  • Our scope:
    Recalculation of superstructure, bearings and abutements,
    Civil and structural engineering 

Fit for the traffic of the future.

Taubenstein Bridge is on the busy B49 road between Wetzlar and Gießen. Increasing traffic volumes have made it necessary to strengthen the bridge.

Built in 1963 as a pre-stressed concrete construction, Taubenstein Bridge is 320 metres in length and carries the 2-lane highway over the Lahn river and two local roads. The slender bridge has seven spans. Open tie-beam cross-sections in the spans alternate with closed box girder cross-sections in the pillar areas.

As a special technical feature, CFRP lamellae are attached with adhesive to enhance flexural strength. Resistance to shear forces is increased by external brackets subsequently cemented into position. The bearings on the abutments are being replaced.

In addition, a complete remediation of the structure is being carried out with the renewal of bridge coverings, caps and protective systems as well as the drainage of the roadway. All the works on the bridge are taking place while road traffic flows on one of the two lanes.

These building works will make the structure fit again for at least the next 20 years.