Office and commercial building

Hamburg, Hammerbrook

  • Client:
    Becken Projektentwicklungs- GmbH
  • Architekt:
    BRT-Architekten Bothe Richter Teherani, Hamburg
  • Former Philips-Headquarters
  • Nine-storey office building
  • Partial demolition and rebuilding
  • GFA: 23,700 m²
  • Time: 2007
  • Building costs:
    c. 11 mill. EUR
  • Our scope:
    structural engineering

Woven into Hammerbrook.

In a metropolis like Hamburg, changes in the usage of office buildings are a frequent occurrence. But when an existing building with a floor area of 8,600 m² is transformed into a modern office building with 15,100 m² of additional floor area, extraordinary dimensions are attained.

After the building, built in Hammerbrook in 1992, had served its purpose as the headquarters of Philips, it was to be comprehensively rebuilt and renovated. This included the incorporation of two inner courtyards and the creation of a direct connection to the Mittelkanal waterway.

Parts of the old building structure were demolished and replaced by a seven-storey U-shaped building complex with two basement storeys. This was executed cost-effectively with the use of prefabricated components. Large parts of the sole and outer basement walls of the demolished building were retained and cleverly used in order to be able to dispense with expensive shoring of the building pit with dewatering on the border to the Mittelkanal.

As the new Süd-Carrée – an office building with today’s most modern standards –  the building complex near the Hammerbrook suburban railway station could be successfully revitalised. And the building’s woven chrome facade is a real eye-catcher.

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

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