Roßbrücke 32c
Temporary railway bridge
Hamburg Port, Roßkanal

  • Client:
    HPA Hamburg Port Authority
  • Three-span auxiliary bridge structure
  • Analysis track-bridge-interactions
  • Complex foundation works while the trains continued to run
  • Time: 2013
  • Building costs: c. 3,0 mill. EUR
  • Our scope:
    Recalculations of the existing superstructure, determination of the remaining lifespan, structural and civil engineering

The harbour railway leaves traces.

The Roßbrücke bridge (Bw. 32c), built in 1913, crosses the Roßkanal waterway and provides the only rail connection to the Tollerort container terminal. To keep this important harbour railway link in operation, the ageing bridge had to be replaced by a new one. A very tricky task, because the future use of the waterway was still completely unclear.

The solution: A temporary three-span auxiliary bridge with a total length of 66.4 metres. The stress analyses from the rail/bridge interaction, as well as additional abutments in the water using tubular steel piles with a diameter of 1.82 metres inclusive of truss construction, presented us engineers with particular challenges.

Additionally, the works had to be performed without any hindrance to the railway traffic over the existing bridge.

The old bridge over the waterway was not removed until after the new works had been completed. The concurrent assembly of the new bridge meant that rail traffic over the Roßkanal could be resumed within a very short space of time, and the retention of the railway connection to the Tollerort container terminal could be guaranteed for at least a further 5 years.