Railway Overbridge
Underground Railway
Hamburg - Hoisdorfer Landstraße

  • Client:
    Hamburger Hochbahn AG
  • Track: Hamburg Underground Railway Line U1
  • Location: Großhansdorf
  • Steel troughbridge
  • Double-track bridge
  • Span: 16.80 m
  • Time: 2002
  • Building costs: c. 1 mill. EUR
  • Our scope:
    civil and structural engineering

Hamburg’s underground railways also run above ground.

To ensure that they can continue to run smoothly in future, older bridges are being replaced step by step – including the overbridge over Hoisdorfer Landstraße in Grosshansdorf. In view of its poor condition the old bridge, built in 1915, had to be completely demolished and replaced by a new structure.

Compact load-bearing belts of sheet metal up to 100 mm thick were employed in the new superstructure – a novelty for Hamburger Hochbahn, Hamburg’s underground railway system. Key advantages were reduced construction height, lower production costs, elimination of the otherwise customary slanted metal sheets for bird control, improved accessibility of the welded joints – and new design possibilities.

Because the site was liable to subsidence, the new foundations were set deeply. The bore piles used, with a diameter of 118 cm, carry not only the vertical but also the horizontal loads.

Now the underground railway is crossing over Hoisdorfer Landstraße like clockwork once again.