Hetlingen Radar Station
New operations building

  • Client:
    Wasser- und Schifffahrtsamt Hamburg
  • New operations building, assembly from the water side
  • Time: 2010
    Building costs: 400,000 EUR
  • Our scope:
    civil and structural engineering, thermal insulation certificate EnEV

Keeping the shipping traffic safe.

Complex radar systems and a multiplicity of different navigational aids ensure safe and smooth shipping traffic on the Elbe river below Hamburg.

For the complete control and monitoring of these radar systems, an operations building was constructed on the existing foundations of the gigantic "Elbekreuzung 1" electricity pylon. The red-and-white striped "Elbekreuzung 1" electricity pylon, which is visible from many miles away, stands on the Schleswig-Holstein side of the Elbe at Hetlingen.

A special challenge for all those involved was the fact that the entire building work was carried out from the water.

With this new radar station, the traffic on one of Germany’s most heavily used waterways can be well and safely controlled for a long time to come.