Magdeburger Hafen
Retaining wall and raised terrace
Hamburg, HafenCity

  • Client:
    HafenCity Hamburg GmbH
  • Landscape and urban architecture: 
    Beth Gali Arquitectes, 
    Barcelona -
    Breimann Bruun, Hamburg
  • Length: c. 350 m
  • Time: 2009 - 2010
  • Building costs: c. 6.6 mill. EUR
  • Our scope:
    civil and structural engineering

New walls for the living room.

Magdeburger Hafen, in the heart of HafenCity, has developed into an urban open space with a central area of water. It has become "the living room" of HafenCity. Magdeburger Hafen is enclosed on the western side by high-quality promenades, flights of steps and lawn areas, all-in-all an elaborately designed, raised terrace with a height of up to four metres. 

This elevation safely protects the adjacent road Osakaallee from flooding and at the same time offers space for shade-giving groups of trees, strand pavilions, observation platforms and terracing. The stabilisation of the new terrace is achieved independently of the historic quay wall by means of its own separate deep foundation, inserted into the narrow gaps in the existing quay wall anchoring. 

In a length of 280 metres, over 200 different high-quality precast angle bracket elements were required in order to lend a dynamic alignment to the multiplicity of leisure spaces.