Predöhl Quay, Berth 3

Deformation calculations


  • Client:
    Hamburg Port Authority
  • Building length: c. 310 m
  • Embankment: c. 24,50 m
  • Pile supported crane beam on the land side, vertical cast-in-place concrete piles
  • Time: 2007
  • Our scope:
    • Deformation calculations for crane beam on the land side
    • Verification of permissible deformations

Keeping the port on track.

The Predöhl Quay at Waltershofer Hafen in the Port of Hamburg was expanded for large container ships with a harbour floor of up to 18.80 metres below standard zero level. A total of three new berths were created with a total length of some 1,035 metres. The quay wall of Berth 3 was planned and executed with a different form of crane track construction to that of Berths 1 and 2.

Normally the foundation of the crane beam on the land side is executed by means of cast-in-place concrete piles which are slanted as a pile support to carry off the horizontal forces. For Berth 3 however, the crane beam was founded on vertical cast-in-place concrete piles. The horizontal forces are thus carried off through the horizontal bedding of the piles.

It was necessary to carry out calculations in advance to forecast the possible deformations of this different crane track construction. The calculations were carried out in our own FEM programme BIN-GEO with a non-linear material model. The results of the calculations demonstrated that the deformations in the crane tracks were within the permitted range for crane operations. Thus the planned construction could be implemented as intended.

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