Palais Kolle Belle

Living quarters in Prenzlauer Berg


  • Client: ECON-CEPT Immobilien GmbH, Berlin
  • Architect: Marc Kocher, Zürich
  • One seamless continous structure, white tank construction, flat ceiling slabs
  • GFA: c. 13,000 m² (housing), 
    c. 700 m² (shops)
  • More than 80 parking spaces
  • Time: 2007 - 2008
    Building costs: c. 15 mill. EUR
  • Our scope:
    structural engineering, planning of building pit

Living for the connoisseur.

That's the motto of Palais KolleBelle. The new ensemble in the heart of Berlin consists of four houses and a garden villa in the inner courtyard. 

Palais Kolle Belle combines the benefits of modern engineering architecture with the flair of old buildings. Behind the façade is a sleek, intelligent structure whose lightness allows a playful reinterpretation of the historic elements: beam-free, spot-supported flat slabs with large span lengths create new freedom in floor plan design. High ceilings, large windows and double-leaf doors emphasise the elegance of the rooms. Sleek constructions ensure, almost unnoticed, that the shops and the lanes in the underground garage are free of pillars. 

The ensemble of houses is structurally interconnected through the continuous basement levels and the shared interior courtyard, and combined to form a seamless total building structure.

Maintaining tradition while still experimenting with new possibilities – an ensemble of residential buildings with its very own character has been created in one of the most beautiful parts of Berlin.

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