Bridge widening and overhaul
Hamburg Speicherstadt

  • Client: Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg, LSBG
  • Bridge widening without further reinforcement work
  • Listed building
  • Renovation of listed parts
  • Integration into existing flood protection system
  • Time: 2008 - 2009
  • Building costs: 875,000 EUR
  • Our scope:
    civil and structural engineering

Ready for its coming role.

With the completion of the Elbphilharmonie concert hall, the western Niederbaumbrücke has acquired additional importance as part of the pedestrian access across the Inner Harbour. It was necessary to widen the footway on its western side.

The retention of the appearance of the bridge was an important requirement. Thus the engineering challenge was to widen the bridge without any further reinforcement work on the overall structure. For this, extensive vibration tests were carried out in advance, to ensure the wellbeing of pedestrians on the one hand while on the other hand avoiding the imposition of additional stresses on the existing structure. A new steel construction designed to reflect the visual appearance of the bridge was welded to the existing superstructure. In addition, the existing abutments were widened with newly-erected reinforced concrete consoles.

And thus the bridge shines in a new splendour – just as when it was first built – but now equipped to handle the increased visitor flows of today.