Neumühlen No. 19
Office Building on the Polder

  • Client: Hamburg Team, Grundstücks-Verwaltungsgesellschaft
  • Architect: Bothe Richter Teherani, Hamburg
  • Location: Polder Neumühlen
  • Reinforce concrete skeleton construction, flat ceiling slabs, composite steel support
  • GFA: c. 7,200 m²
    Time: 2001 - 2002
    Building costs: c. 10 mill. EUR
  • Our scope:
    structural engineering

Elbe River Six-Two-Six.

To reach this point, the River Elbe has flowed a total of 626 kilometres from the German-Czech border. This distance gave the transparent, light-flooded office building on the shore of the Elbe its working title: "Elbe 626".

The building, providing high-tech workplaces for 300 people, stands on a flood-protection structure, the Polder. The Polder acts simultaneously as foundation, underground garage and entrance hall of the office building. The four glass-mantled upper storeys project out over the Polder in the direction of the Elbe. The building and the Elbe thus form a unity.

The structural design follows the meaningful link between flood protection and architecture, a harmony between the transparent structure and its maritime environment.

Slender composite steel pillars transport the load of the projection on the Elbe side onto the stable Polder structure. The optimised reinforced concrete skeleton creates generous spaces with much light.