Neue Mitte Westerland

Residential and commercial building


  • Client:
    DC Commercial GmbH & Co. KG
  • Architects:
    GRS Reimer Architekten / KKP Architekten
  • Structure:
    reinforced concrete, seamless, flat ceiling-slabs, retaining construction above ground floor, diaphragm beams in upper floors
  • Complex inner-city building pit
  • Individual, loft-like living spaces
  • GFA: c. 5,200 m²
    Time: 2014 - 2016
    Building costs: c. 30 mill. EUR
  • Our scope:
    Structural engineering, planning of building pit

An island of urban lifestyle.

This building embodies exclusivity in its true sense: the best inner city location with high-class shops, crowned by spacious apartments with a fabulous view, only a few metres from the North Sea beaches!

The structure is ideally fitting for the special demands that the building has to meet. For the loft-like apartments with their individual and flexible room design, a joist-free ceiling structure with wide effective spans of up to 8 metres was realised.

The structural loads of the upper storeys are retained above the ground floor by means of a combination of a 40 cm thick floor and wall-like girders. The partition walls of the apartments in the upper storeys are set down on a small number of pillars on the ground floor, making possible the maximum exploitation of the room height and a flexible design of the shops on the ground floor.

The execution of the building project was made more difficult by a complicated inner-city building pit where no anchoring was possible under the neighbouring buildings on three sides. High-pressure injection underpinnings and inward-braced soldier pile and bore pile walls formed the shoring walls.

Here in the heart of Westerland, one can leave one’s everyday cares behind on the mainland and enjoy life’s pleasures and the light-hearted way of life on Sylt.

Hier im Herzen von Westerland kann man den Alltag einfach auf dem Festland zurücklassen und die Lebensfreude und die Leichtigkeit des Sylter Lebensgefühls genießen. 

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