Overhaul of concert hall


  • Client:
    Sprinkenhof GmbH
  • Architect:
    SWP Architekten
  • Overhoul of the concert hall partly during ongoing concert programme
  • Listed building
  • Wide-spanned roof structure, filigree lattice truss construction
  • Vibration analysis of the cantilevered ceiling construction
  • Flat foundation
  • GFA: c. 20,000 m²
  • Time: 2018 - 2019
  • Building costs:
    c. 2 mill. EUR
  • Our scope:
    structural engineering

Not only musical enjoyment.

The magnificent concert hall was constructed at the beginning of the 20th century after a generous donation by the Laeisz family. At that time it was the most modern concert hall in Germany. Countless concerts have taken place here, from classical through to rock, e.g. with Pink Floyd. And still today, the listed Laeiszhalle is a gathering place for Hamburg’s music scene, with international stars as regular guests. The Grand Hall offers an imposing, neo-baroque ambience for artistes and public alike. Especially in the much-loved seats in the first gallery, the audience can enjoy the best possible view of the performances. Until now, the fact that not only the audience but also the projecting gallery construction can be made to rock was only a side-effect of the musical experience.

In the course of a general overhaul of the fire protection and heat insulation, the building is now to be brought up to today’s technical standards in close coordination with the historical monument conservation authorities. The vibration characteristics of the projecting gallery construction in the Grand Hall will also be upgraded by an easy-to-assemble overhead steel reinforcement. The old glass skylights of the Grand Hall have been removed and replaced by a heavier heat-insulating glazing. Maintenance walkways, a new dimming system and additional suspension points are planned. Thanks to a clever verification method, the stability of the very filigree lattice truss construction with slender angle profiles could be verified without any major intervention.

The concert programme can continue largely undisturbed during the building activities. When the work is completed, the magnificent Grand Hall will not only guarantee maximum musical enjoyment but also meet today’s technical requirements.

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