Klubhaus St. Pauli



  • Client:
    Klubhaus St. Pauli GmbH
  • Architects: Akyol Kamps,
    bbp : Architekten bda
  • 6-storey building with a basement
  • Flat ceiling slabs, large spans, composite retaining constructions, white tank, media facade, building pit next to existing buildings
  • GFA: 5,850 m²
    Time: 2012 - 2015
    Building costs: c. 8 mill. EUR
  • Our score:
    structural engineering

In the spotlight.

Every year, 20 million visitors from all over the world make their way to Hamburg’s famous Reeperbahn. Here – in a central location between the traditional venues of Schmidt-Theater and Docks – the "Klubhaus St. Pauli" has come into being.

In its seven storeys from the cellar to the roof terrace over the fifth floor the building offers everything that culture junkies and music fans from around the world could wish for: live music and dance clubs, two bars and a theatre. In addition, businesses in the cultural and entertainment sector have found a suitable home here. The whole thing is hidden behind Europe’s largest interactive media facade. For 23 hours a day, on a facade area of 700 m², media content is presented in colour and moving images.  

The building impresses not only from a visual point of view but also in terms of its engineering. This includes for example the two-storey entrance area, the filigree, widely projecting balconies, and the sunken theatre auditorium which gets by without any pillars across its entire 10 metre width.

It has been worth the effort. With the "Klubhaus St. Pauli", the Reeperbahn has been enriched by a new highlight – in the truest sense of the word. A delight, not only for the people of Hamburg.

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