Quay Wall, Westkai

Remediation of quay structure


  • Client:
    Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Department for River and Port Engineering (today: HPA Hamburg Port Authority)
  • Driven sheet pile wall: 3 m
  • Embankment: 16 m
  • Length: 126 m
  • Time: 2002 - 2003
  • Building costs:
    c. 4.0 mill. EUR
  • Our scope:
    structural and civil engineering

Sheet pile walls for the "pearls".

The restructuring of Hamburg’s port for modern container traffic made some port areas on the River Elbe redundant. In Neumühlen, a new use has been found for one such derelict site by private investors. The new land-side building was part of the new "string of pearls", a series of attractive new buildings along the bank of the Elbe.

As part of the new building work on the land side, the former quay wall was also replaced by a new construction. For this, parts of the brickwork vault of the existing quay wall were broken up. A new sheet pile wall was driven into the Elbe and the space between new sheet pile wall and the old quay wall was partly filled in. The reinforced concrete superstructure is set down on the new sheet pile wall on the water side and with load-bearing beams on the existing concrete plinth of the old quay wall on the land side. The horizontal load is directed into the ground through slanted permanent anchors.

Unremarked and without attracting great attention, the sheet pile walls of the new quay wall secure the promenade along the "string of pearls" between Elbstrand and Altona’s Fischmarkt.

Giving new life to old harbour sites.

Flood Protection Polder

Neumühlen Westkai


Market life may go on.


Flood Protection at Fish Market


Between Landungsbrücken and Elbphilharmonie.


with flood protection & parking level

Hamburg - Niederhafen