Hotel Kloster Haydau
Conference Hotel

  • Client:
    B. Braun Melsungen AG
  • Architecten:
    Störmer Murphy and Partners
  • Structure:
    reinforced concrete, seamless, length 130 m
  • Cross-wall constructions in upper floors, diaphragm beams
  • Projections up to 5 m
  • GFA: c. 8,320 m²
    Time: 2011 - 2013
    Costs: c. 15 mill. EUR
  • Our scope:
    structural engineering, planning of building pit

Simple modernity meets the Middle Ages.

With the building of this new hotel, the area around the 800-year-old former monastery of Haydau is given a new purpose. The elongated new construction with a light, relief-like clinker brick facade defines the boundary of the site on the side facing the village and makes the monastery church the centrepiece of the facility.

The structure of the hotel is clearly arranged. The hotel rooms in the upper storeys are separated by load-bearing reinforced concrete walls in cross-wall construction. These walls, arranged at distances of 7 to 8 m, are designed as wall-like girders and allow the upper storeys to project outwards above the ground floor by up to 5 m towards the baroque garden.

On the ground floor the wall-like girders are set down on a small number of individual pillars, making possible a flexible room design for reception, restaurant, bar and wellness.

The building, which only has cellars for half of its floor area, is set on shallow foundations over a continuous 60 cm thick sole on a partly rock-based underground layer.

Those booking a room in this hotel will be rewarded with heavenly peace and quiet, and an impressive view of the monastery church and monastery garden.