The Fontenay

Luxery Hotel


  • Client:
    Kühne Immobilia GmbH
  • Architect:
    Störmer Murphy and Partners GmbH
  • 7 upper floors,
    2 basement levels
    plus basement garage
  • Ambitious ground plan
  • Structure:
    reinforced concrete skeleton,
    white tank construction
  • Complex raft foundation under complicated ground conditions
  • GFA: 18,000 m²
  • Time: 2014 – 2017
  • Building costs:
    c. 100 mill. EUR
  • Our scope:
    structural engineering

A white pearl on the Outer Alster.

The concept for "The Fontenay", a luxury hotel whose reputation is intended to reach far beyond the confines of Hamburg, marked the launch of an ambitious project.

A challenge in every respect:

The structure’s floor plan consists of three interlocking circles forming two inner courtyards. The hotel offers space for 131 bedrooms and suites as well as 17 residences. The joist-free flat floor slabs permit spacious rooms; the supports are integrated into the walls separating the individual bedrooms. At a height of 25 m above street level, Hamburg’s highest and also longest hotel pool has been installed. It is integrated seamlessly into the surrounding spa area on the 6th floor. The gourmet restaurant and piano bar in the roof dome of the 6th and 7th floors offer a breathtaking view over the Alster.

Beneath this is a column-free 5-storey-high space, the atrium. This is made possible by a support suspended from the dome. The largely column-free entrance and conference areas on the ground floor are carried by a corridor wall formed as a wall-like girder extending to the height of the building.

Another challenge was the schedule required for completion of the project. From the successful conclusion of the architectural competition at the end of 2013 to the topping-out ceremony in November 2015 was a period of only two years, in which the project moved from the initial design, through the approval and execution planning, to the completed reinforced concrete structure.

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