Moorburg Power Station

Flood protection and quay walls

Hamburg Moorburg

  • Client:
    Vattenfall Europe Generation
  • Lenghth of construction:
    • 1.000 m flood protection
    • 675 m quay walls
  • Elevation difference: 22.50 m
  • Time: 2005 - 2010
  • Building costs: 35 mill. EUR
  • Our scope:
    • civil engineering
    • structural engineering

A power station at the waterside.

The Moorburg coal-fired power station was built on the site of a former gas-fired power station, and today it supplies energy for large parts of Hamburg. But the site was not secure against high water levels and also lacked the necessary facilities for delivering coal to the power station.

So the existing flood protection line on the Süderelbe (the southern arm of the Elbe river through Hamburg) was rebuilt for a length of c. 3,000 metres and newly constructed for a length of c. 1,000 metres. The flood protection facilities were adapted to the varying conditions. Combined sheet pile walls and corrugated sheet walls were installed and back-anchored with inclined piles. Where the geometric conditions permitted, the flood protection facilities were constructed with a supporting embankment. The power station is fed with coal by ship. For this purpose, two quay walls were constructed with lengths of 400 metres and 275 metres, securing a 22.50 metre high elevated terrace.

The flood protection has now been assured, and sea-going vessels can reliably deliver their cargoes to the power station.

Giving new life to old harbour sites.

Flood Protection Polder

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The entrance to Harburg’s inner harbour.

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Between Landungsbrücken and Elbphilharmonie.


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