Baakenhafen Open Space

Engineering structures

Hamburg HafenCity

  • Client:
    HafenCity Hamburg GmbH
  • Landscape architect: Atelier Loidl Landschaftsarchitekten
  • 5 public local squares with staircases:
    angle retaining walls,
    elevation differences of more than 4 m,
    pile foundation
  • 6 ramp structures:
    Length c. 40 to 50 m each,
    elevation differences of more than 4 m,
    pile foundation
  • Time: 2014 – 2021
  • Building costs: c. 8.4 mill. EUR
  • Our scope:
    civil and structural engineering

Urban waterfront location.

In the Baakenhafen quarter, on the largest harbour basin in Hamburg’s HafenCity district, a closely-spaced mixture of residential and leisure uses, grassy open spaces and workplaces with maritime flair is coming into being. In the comprehensive reshaping of this former port area, public open spaces are playing an outstanding role.

Key components of the open space planning are the local squares with various engineering structures such as retaining walls, staircases and ramps which connect the differing elevations between the flood-protected mounds and the waterfront promenades. At the same time, the open space planning of the squares places very high demands on the designers on account of their exposed position on the Elbe river.

The location, directly on the Elbe, also requires the flood-proof construction of engineering structures. Deep foundations with piles are necessary for all structures in order to securely transmit the loads down into the stable ground of the building site. The site itself invisibly reflects the history of the Baakenhafen area. In most cases, foundation elements remain from earlier structures and represent obstacles for the new foundation elements. The working spaces on site are therefore very restricted. The planning and execution of the deep foundations present fresh engineering challenges for every square in the quarter.

With the completion of the Baakenhafen quarter, a new chapter will begin for this former port area in the city and on the Elbe.

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