Flood Protection Polder
Neumühlen Westkai

  • Client:
    Poldergesellschaft Neumühlen Westkai
  • Project planning:
    Binnewies / Talkenberg
  • Location: Hamburg Altona
  • Sheet pile wall, reinforced concrete structure, sliding gate
  • Length of flood protection:
    750 m
  • Time: 1999 - 2001
  • Building costs: c. 15 mill. EUR
  • Our scope:
    Civil engineering, structural engineering

Giving new life to old harbour sites.

In Neumühlen, just such a derelict harbour site has been given a new use in the form of a flood protection polder. Here, five attractive residential and office buildings have now been ranged along the River Elbe like a pearl necklace.

With an existing terrain height of only 4.50 m above standard zero level ("Normal-Null" or NN), this utilisation was only possible with appropriate flood protection measures.

For this purpose, the concept of a "dyke-like flood protection wall" was developed. On account of the stability of the jointless reinforced concrete plinth, used as a garage, the known criteria for a flood-proof mound structure could be applied for the determination of the required heights of the flood-protection structure. Leading down from the upper edge of the polder on its river side to the height of the determined maximum calm water level is a wave-calming, erosion-proof slope and a broad stairway. As specified, these measures now give protection against floods of up to 7.60 m above standard zero.

The polder is a water engineering construction performing a protective function, but its structure has been optimised in such a way that it also functions as the load-bearing plinth for the five buildings arranged along it.

Generous stairways invite pedestrians to take a stroll beside the Elbe.