Office Building Esplanade No. 40

  • Client: Dieter Becken represented by BECKEN Development GmbH
  • Architects: Winking • Froh Architekten BDA
  • 15 storeys + 2 basement levels, complex building pit structure considering existing structures
  • GFA: c. 10,500 m²
    Time: 2015 - 2016
  • Our scope:
    structural engineering,
    planning of building pit

Now the trio is complete.

Within view of Hamburg’s Inner and Outer Alster, a new skyscraper has arisen, filling the gaps between the existing Burmah-Haus and Finnlandhaus structures.

It thus finally achieves the vision of the planners in 1960, who wanted to create a line of three slender skyscrapers along this important urban development site beside the Esplanade highway.

The structure of the new 15-storey office building with two basement storeys was designed, planned and executed as a reinforced concrete skeleton. The existing nuclear bunker on the building site was no longer required, and could therefore be employed to secure the building pit for the new skyscraper with its two basement storeys.

On account of spatial restrictions in height and extent, and the very complex interfaces with adjacent buildings, special technical qualities were demanded of all the planners involved.