dm Head Office
Administrative Building + Car Park
Karlsruhe - Durlach

  • Client: dm-drogerie markt GmbH + Co.KG
  • Architect:
    LRO Architekten, Stuttgart
  • Administrative building: irregular floor plans, exposed concrete ribbed ceilings, span 14 m, waterproof concrete
  • Multi-storey car park: structure based on precast concrete double tee slabs, span 16.50 m
  • GFA:
    Administration c. 41,000 m²,
    car park c. 22,000 m²
  • Time: 2016 - 2018
    Total costs: c. 117 mill. EUR
  • Our scope:
    structural engineering,
    planning of building pit

Bringing administration under one roof.

An expanding company: the drug store chain dm has grown continuously since its formation in 1973. The company’s new head office can now house up to 1,800 staff who were previously distributed across seven sites.

The administrative building stands out on account of its special ground plan geometry. Sharp angles consciously reflect the fundamental ideas of anthroposophy. The round staircases at the corners of the building mark out the location.

An economical load-bearing structure with widely spanned ribbed slabs ensures a generous and flexible floor layout suitable for modern office use. Flat floor slabs in the core zones make for easy installation of the building services.

As an innovative and environment-conscious company, dm attaches particular importance to sustainability, especially when it comes to building services and the choice of building materials. This includes for example the use of recycled bricks for the façade construction.

The associated multi-storey car park is planned as a green hill. The roof area, planted with trees, slopes down to street level and thus fits harmoniously into the landscape. With wide-reaching spans in the ceiling structure, it provides parking spaces that can be easily entered without awkward pillars or supports.