Denickestrasse District

Residential Complex

Hamburg Heimfeld

  • Client: SAGA / GWG
  • Architect:
    Renner-Hainke-Wirth Architekten GmbH /
    AIT Architektur- und Ingenieurbüro
  • 21 new buildings with shared underground car park
  • Including a kindergarten
  • Retaining constructions below four upper floors with projection
  • GFA: 18,600 m²
  • Time: 2016 - 2018
  • Building costs: c. 35 mill. EUR
  • Our scope:
    structural engineering

New buildings for an old residential area.

The aim is clear – Hamburg needs more homes. SAGA, one of the biggest housing construction cooperatives in Hamburg, supports this goal, and not just in words but with creative energy. Architects and open space planners disputed over the best ideas and concepts until the most suitable design was created for 21 new buildings with a total of more than 320 modern apartments. 

The derelict buildings on the c. 16,000 m² site have now been replaced by a new district with compact residential construction, including a kindergarten, meeting places and underground garage space.

The steeply sloping site meant that the new buildings had to be erected on varying levels. Our appropriate and economical planning concept for this involved the consistent use of a brickwork style of construction over a basement level in reinforced concrete.

We were also able to make profitable use of our experience in out-of-the-ordinary load-bearing constructions for the planning of the kindergarten. The four widely projecting upper storeys are retained by a reinforced concrete frame over all storeys integrated into the building structure. It was not least thanks to this construction approach, unusual for residential buildings, that the ambitious design specifications arising from the preceding competition could be executed in an elegant manner.

New Development in an Old Quarter.

Neue Burg

Residential Buildings


Living, water, growth.

Nagelsweg 24

Residential District "Min Leev"

Hamburg Hammerbrook

High up in St. Georg.

KONRAD - Adenauerallee

Residential Tower and Hotel

Hamburg St. Georg