Expansion of the CCH
Congress Center Hamburg

  • Client: CCH – Congress Center Hamburg
  • Architect: Brauer Architekten
  • Extension and conversion
  • Multipurpose hall, roof supported by external steel arch trusses, span 45 m, length 142 m
  • GFA: c. 73,000 m² (existing structure), c. 28,000 m² (extension)
  • Time: 2005 - 2006
    Building costs: c. 44 mill. EUR
  • Our scope:
    structural engineering, planning building pit, site supervision

The hall below the park.

The CCH's goal to double its sales is ambitious, and so was the planning task for its expansion:

A new great exhibition hall and additional conference rooms were to be created. And this had to be done while maintaining a full event schedule, with a tight budget and in immediate proximity to Hamburg‘s traditional park landscape "Planten un Blomen". 

The hall, 7,000 m² in size, was built underground for the most part, bordering on the south side of the existing structure. It has a “green” roof that can be walked on – Europe’s largest roof garden – thus itself becoming part of the park landscape. The heavy loads of earth-fill were diverted over seven steel arch trusses integrated into the formation of the garden area.

When building during normal operation, two worlds collide even if the very best preparations are made. But ultimately, the short construction time of barely a year enables the generous new spaces for up to 12,500 congress attendees to make everyone rapidly forget the difficulties and inconveniences of the noise, dust and makeshift arrangements.