Building Pit for KONRAD

Residential tower and hotel

Hamburg St. Georg

  • Client: PATRIZIA Deutschland GmbH (LP 1-4), ABG Allgemeine Bauträgergesellschaft mbH & Co. (LP5-8)
  • Architect: Störmer Murphy and Partners GbR
  • 19-storey residential building and 9-storey hotel with 2 basement levels
  • Remediation of an existing building pit
    • Size: c. 4,500 m²
      Excavation level: c. 10.0 m
    • Low-deformation bored pile walls
    • Soldier pile walls anchored in 2 layers
  • Time: 2008 - 2016
    Building costs: c. 2 mill. EUR
  • Our scope:
    structural engineering

New use for an old building pit.

In a central location on Adenauerallee, two structures are emerging out of an already existing building pit: a 9-storey hotel and a 19-storey residential block. Both buildings stand on a shared basement with underground garages.

The entire design was fitted into the available building pit, which had been dug eight years previously for a completely different building project and had remained unused since then.

In spite of the complex geometry with many projections and recesses, and the very high stresses from directly adjacent structures, the building pit construction could be remediated and reactivated without heavy expense. For this purpose, the load-bearing capacity of the installed anchors was tested by means of a procedure agreed with the responsible building inspection authority.

The stability of the building pit construction could be verified without major reinforcements, despite the sometimes significantly altered excavation and demolition conditions. The installation of new anchoring elements was only necessary in the area of the existing neighbouring buildings, because compliance with the permitted deformation tolerances could not be mathematically guaranteed.

During excavation of the earth fill that was introduced as a temporary safeguard, measurements of the shoring construction accompanying the building work indicated no abnormalities.

High up in St. Georg.

KONRAD - Adenauerallee

Residential Tower and Hotel

Hamburg St. Georg

It starts in the earth.

Cut & cover building pit

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