Landing Pier

Maritimes Museum landing pier

Hamburg HafenCity / Speicherstadt

  • Client:
    Hafencity Hamburg, HCH
  • Renewal of a bowstring bridge built in 1887
  • Transport by water
  • Revitalisation of a pontoon built in 1906
  • Economic implementation concept
  • Time: 2008 - 2011
    Building costs: 130,000 EUR
  • Our scope: Planning of renewal of the existing bridge, conversion works, revitalisation of pontoon

From old to new.

The "Maritimes Museum" landing pier in Hamburg offers a good option for reaching the Speicherstadt (warehouse district) by water. The pier comprises a  floating pontoon and a bowstring bridge. The special feature of these building components is their history, because they are almost as old as the Speicherstadt itself.

A bowstring bridge built in 1887, which had stood unused for decades beside the River Elbe, was overhauled and transported to its present position by water to became part of the new pier. The bridge construction was completely renewed, the truss joints were repaired and the bridge bearings were rebuilt. An important requirement was to retain the appearance of the bridge with its riveted parabolic lattice girders.

To this was added the floating pontoon dating from 1906, which was also revitalised by reinforcement measures.

The employment and revitalisation of such historically important building components not only produced economic benefits, they also make the "Maritimes Museum" pier into an additional highlight in the Speicherstadt.

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