Alsterufer Eins (bis 3)
Office and Commercial Building

  • Client:
    Alsterufer 1-3 Immobilen GmbH
  • Architects:
    APB. Architekten BDA
  • 8 upper floors, 4-storey basement garage below ground water level
  • Flat slabs, large spans
  • White tank construction, buoyancy protection
  • GFA: above ground 30.000 m², under ground 15.000 m²
  • Time: 2013 - 2016
  • Building costs: c. 70 mill. EUR
  • Our Score:
    structural engineering

With a view of the Outer Alster.

What an address: Alsterufer Eins! Here is a place where one would like to work. The building owner and architect thought the same.

And they took this to heart when they planned this new office building in its prominent location on the Alster lake. Two landscaped inner courtyards with cafés and fountains, a pregnant facade, spacious passages and rooftop terraces in the eight-storey new construction represent more than simply 30,000 m² of new office space in Hamburg.

The building technology also kept pace with these high-quality aspirations. The chosen reinforced concrete load-bearing structure, seamless and filigree, allows flexible usage of the new floor areas. The eighth storey, facing the Alster, is 12 m wide and pillar-free. An uninterrupted view of the Alster is guaranteed from all points. The access road into the underground garage with its four floors is secured by a more than 22 m long curved steel lattice framework truss which safely holds the eight storeys above it.

And it was worth the effort. Even before the building was completed in the summer of 2016, its owner had already almost completely rented out his new ensemble at the interface between the Outer and Inner Alster.