Eastside Park Loft
Conversion of an air-raid bunker

  • Client:
    Cubé Project GmbH
  • Architects:
    Dieter Hoffmann
  • Location:
    Hamburg Eilbek
  • Conversion of a multi-storey bunker into a residential building
  • GFA: c. 2,000 m²
  • Time: 2015 - 2017
  • Our scope:
    structural engineering

Incisive measures.

Multi-storey bunkers like this one in Hamburg’s Eilbek district are structures with a special history. The massive block of steel and concrete stands in an attractive residential quarter, and thus called for the creative conversion of the former air-raid shelter into modern living space. In a combination of remediation, rebuilding and new construction, the old civil defence bunker dating from 1941 was turned into a 6-storey residential building with full basements.

In various places throughout the whole structure, walls were pierced, wall openings sealed, existing concrete floors broken up and new floors installed. To prove their stability, all the remaining concrete floors were checked to ensure their reinforcing strength. For the new staircase, wall openings were created and flanking reinforced concrete walls newly erected.

On the roof slab of the bunker, which was designed as a bomb-proof roof, a new penthouse level has been created that is formed as a brickwork construction with a solid floor and gently sloping pyramid roof. On the exterior, balconies made of reinforced concrete precast parts have been added which rest on their own supports with individual foundations and are fixed horizontally to the building.