Private Library
Library and Lecture Hall

  • Client: private
  • Architect: gmp Architekten
  • Filigree steel structures, reinforced concrete - partly prefabricated, highest architectural demands, constrictive construction site
  • Waterproof concrete with additional sealing
  • GFA: c. 250 m²
    Time: 2013 - 2014
    Building costs: c. 1.5 mill. EUR
  • Our scope:
    structural engineering,
    planning of building pit

An appropriate home.

Unseen by Hamburg’s public, an architectural jewel has come into being on the city’s west side.

To house his valuable books and art treasures, a Hamburg citizen has built a small architectural highlight which intelligently combines the necessary constructional elements of building statics with the shelving and display elements required for the presentation of books and works of art.

The architect’s design ideas demanded special solutions down to the tiniest detail, which were worked out and implemented jointly. A floating roof, highly filigree and almost weightless pillars and ceiling profiles were particular challenges which were mastered in a way that was both extremely attractive and to the thorough satisfaction of the building owner.

The valuable archive has been appropriately housed for the enjoyment of its viewers. An appropriate home for books and art treasures.