Building at Süllberg
Remediation and Reconstruction

  • Client: Unternehmensgruppe Roland Ernst und Deutsche Gesellschaft für Immobilien DEGI
  • Architect: Arge Wiehe/Schima, Hamburg und v. Bassewitz Patschan Hupertz Limbrock BPHL, Hamburg
  • Rebuilding and reconstruction, new construction of apartments with underground parking
  • GFA: c. 6,700 m²
    Time: 1999 - 2002
    Building costs: c. 45 mill. EUR
  • Our scope:
    structural engineering

Gastronomic experience high above the Elbe.

At Süllberg on the River Elbe, gastronomy has a 165-year tradition. To preserve this, and to bring new life to what was once such a popular excursion spot at Hamburg’s highest point of elevation, was the goal of all planning efforts.

The multifarious building tasks included the remediation and reconstruction of the 115-year-old building fabric, as well as the construction of new, high-quality apartments with underground garages and a hotel facility.

Linking together the diverse building structures with their complex demands for modern space utilisation and building services required complicated shoring and retention measures with height offsets and extreme building pit depths in very narrowly confined conditions.

The result is a place for modern gastronomic experiences framed by the ambiance of carefully restored historic buildings in harmony with modern architecture.