Hamburg’s new pearl on the Elbe.

02.05.2019 – In good time for the Hafengeburtstag (Hamburg’s annual harbour birthday), the Überseerestaurant, erected by Sprinkenhof GmbH, was inaugurated with a small advanced celebration. The new building is integrated into the new flood protection facility which stretches from the underground railway station at Baumwall to the piers at Landungsbrücken, Hamburg’s most beautiful spot.

Now it is again possible to take a relaxed stroll directly beside the River Elbe along this technical structure, built to secure the inner city against flooding. One can then stop for a bite in the new restaurant, operated by the ALEX Group. Decisive for the design of the new building is the nearly 15-metre-long projection of the slender building, faced with black brickwork, and the fully glazed southern facade with its view of the unforgettable panorama of the Port of Hamburg.