Art of Civil Engineering at Lohsepark & Baakenhafen.

20.06.2017 – 24/25 June is  "Day of Architecture and Civil Engineering"! We invite you to a guided tour through the Lohsepark and the open-air parts of the neighbouring Baakenhafen. Our tours start on Saturday 24 June at 10:30, 13:00 and 15:00 hrs. Meeting point: Lohseplatz, HafenCity, Hamburg. All those interested are welcome.

Civil engineering structures such as retaining walls, bridges, staircases and ramps are major components in the planning of the parks and squares in HafenCity. These structures must meet demanding design requirements, while at the same time they must also be flood-proof and adapted to the special features of the site. The Lohsepark with its "seam" (see here for more) has already been completed, while the areas of the neighbouring Baakenhaafen can be viewed as a building site.