New project: Mission to renew a quay wall.

07.10.2019 – We are delighted at the start of planning for an exciting and complex building project on the River Elbe waterfront in Neumühlen!

The quay wall along the Elbpromenade between Elbstrand (Elbe beach) and Dockland, beside the buildings of the so-called "Perlenkette" (pearl necklace), needs thoroughgoing remediation and renewal for a length of approx. 200 metres. Here, the existing sheet pile wall has partly become deformed by more than a metre from its original position. This has led to subsidence in the area of the promenade, and as a result the area has had to be sealed off.

Many constraints will need to be considered in the planning for the new waterfront structure. These include in particular the impact on existing buildings and the Hamburg Port Authority’s tugboat station.