Quartier Baakenhafen.

Work continues at Baakenhafen.

14.06.2018 - Against the backdrop of the recently inaugurated Baakenpark, the next engineering project is coming into being. The new ramp structure at Gerda-Gmelin-Platz connects to the retaining wall, which already exists as a building shell, and ensures the barrier-free transition to the promenade at Versmannkai.

Firstly the deep foundation of bore piles and micro grouting piles is installed. Here, the narrow tracks between the numerous existing foundations in the former port area must be used – a challenge for the planners. A continuous baseplate is then cemented onto the piles. This bears the weight of the walls that are arising as well as the rest of the ramp construction. Finally, this is followed by the red brickwork cladding that is characteristic of HafenCity.