Are you going the same way as us?

A building structure exists for the future, and so does an engineering office. As a growing company, we regularly seek new colleagues for our joint endeavours. Of special importance to us, alongside outstanding qualifications, are your motivation and commitment and your ability to detach yourself from conventional notions. Because this is what we owe to our whole team.

For a job in our office, we expect in all events good general and specialist German language skills.

If this appeals to you, and if you fulfil the appropriate requirements, we will be glad to hear from you. Please send your complete application documents in German by post (DIN A4) or by e-mail (DIN A4 PDF) to

And if you don’t find anything?

You have the appropriate training and qualifications, solid work experience, the right attitude and motivation as well as good German language skills - but you don’t find any suitable jobs on offer here?

Even if it appears that we are not offering any positions that are right for you, please go ahead and send us your application anyway. If there is a good fit, we can explore together in an interview what possibilities we may be able to offer.